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Compassionate Care
Individualized to You

Integrity Health Alliance is Christ-centered, Direct Primary Care medical practice. We believe in whole-person care and are equipped to care for individuals and families.


We provide a high-quality, individualized approach and a collaborative visit. We partner with you to improve your health, honor your personal freedom, privacy, and bodily autonomy.  Our practice is a sanctuary of safety and look at the root causes. Your care includes a tailored holistic plan to encourage wholeness. We pray for our members with strategic purpose and overall vision that all we brings Him glory.

What We Offer

We offer affordable, high-quality, direct access, person-centered care without the red tape from insurance. Informed Consent and your right to autonomy are prioritized when you join the Integrity Family!

Affordable Testing       & Medications


Complete Wellness


Healing Nutrition 


Family-Centered Values

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Christ-Centered Leadership

Mobile Phone
"Thank you for your honesty, it was refreshing to speak with you. My mom didn't trust anyone but she trusted you. Thank you again for taking the time out of your day to speak to us".
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