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Walk the Journey with Integrity

Join us as we walk this journey of Medical Freedom and Informed Consent, a trusted relationship between you and your physician.

**Next Membership Enrollment Period:  February 19th through February 23rd 2024

Member Benefits

Just a quick idea of what we bring to the table as a Integrity Health Alliance and how it benefits you as a member and your health!


  • Advocacy for your best health

  • Access to your doctor

  • Hassle free healthcare

  • Informed Consent

  • Truthful research reviewed


  • Same day or next day sick visits

  • Access to at-cost laboratory testing

  • Access to whole-sale medications

  • Access to at-cost imaging

  • Access to Personalized Nutrition 


  • Relationships with us

  • Relationships with others in your community

  • Learning together


• Acute and Non-acute Office Visits

• Preventive Care​

• Metabolic Balance Personalized Nutrition

• Chronic Disease Management (Diabetes, Asthma, High Blood Pressure, etc.)

• Sports Physicals

• Blood Pressure Monitoring

• Diabetic Monitoring

• Pulse Oximeter

• Breathing Treatments

• Follow up Wound Care


The healthy way to invest in yourself and your family.

"I appreciated Dr. Knolle's willingness to teach me about my health issues. Kudos to his expertise and professionalism!"

Mary from Lancaster, PA


Adult:  $80/month

**Minor (< 18) : $60/month

**with one adult 

Initial enrollment fee: $100

Child enrollment fee: $80

*Re-enrollment fee (after ending membership): $300

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