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Confounding Ancient Perceptions

Marathon Musings by Dr. Michael Knolle.

I don't know about you, but I remember reading of great ancient civilizations such as the Roman and Greek Empires that had temple or sacred prostitutes. It actually is quite embarrassing how I perceived that in the past. Even reading about it now, the historical accounts seem very clinical and philosophical about the practice.

Since I am running the Athens Marathon to benefit the Nea Zoi Ministry that enables prostitutes to escape their bondage from brothel in Athens, I had to revisit my naive impression of the practice. I would envision beautiful women lounging about in palaces in silky white or colorful garments having a life of relative ease. They were part of the temple, kind of like pews are part of a church. Somehow these women had guidance counselors in their schools that would tell one woman that she was suited to be a milkmaid and the next woman that she lucked out and will be a temple prostitute. It was all part of a highly civilized society.

But now with the attention on human and sex trafficking we know the truth of this disgraceful practice. This is not something that a girl would choose to do. It is something they are forced to do. They are not free. They are in bondage. It's not pretty and sanitary. It is a lifestyle of horror and shame. And while it is well known that sex trafficking always is part of the dark nature of man, only recently has it garnered widespread attention. For those in the Nea Zoi Ministry, it's not just the newest trend that they are jumping on the bandwagon. They have been at this since 1997. With the Greek economy being so weak at this time, your donations will go much farther and those working for the ministry raise their own support so a very high percentage of contributions goes immediately to biblical counseling, psychological counseling, social work and services like safe houses.

Please click the link below and donate to Nea Zoi Ministry in their battle against sex slavery.

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