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Was the FDA criminally negligent when forbidding the use of Ivermectin and approving Paxlovid?

Unspeakable evil is growing worldwide. This short word picture of undeniable facts is equal to a book full of detail. Let the reader draw their own conclusions.

Fact #1: In December 2021, almost two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, Pfizer released an oral drug that was a near miraculous treatment for COVID. It is called Paxlovid and the antiviral mechanism of action is a 3-CL protease inhibitor (remember this mechanism of action). The major drawback is that having only one mechanism of action makes it prone to rebound infection.

Fact #2: Very early in the COVID pandemic, way before Pfizer released Paxlovid, average Americans were using a 3-CL protease inhibitor that demonstrated a miraculous curing of COVID. It is an FDA approved antiparasitic medication that won the Nobel Prize in 2015 as the safest drug with the greatest positive impact on HUMANS next to aspirin and penicillin. It has six proven mechanisms of action against COVID which makes it more effective than Paxlovid WITHOUT rebound infection. This medication is called Ivermectin. Pfizer usurped the one antiviral mechanism of action to develop Paxlovid. Average Americans were buying Ivermectin from farm supply stores since most pharmacies refused to fill prescriptions written by their doctor for COVID, but WOULD fill this "dangerous" medicine for infants with scabies. In addition, hospitals fought family members to prevent them from administering this pharmacy dispensed pill to their dying family members. Family members took these hospitals to court and if their hospitalized loved ones survived long enough, they were forced to administer the medication under threat of legal action. Doctors disparagingly called Ivermectin a horse dewormer, when it clearly had FDA approval for humans.

Fact #3: The most populous state in India called Uttar Pradesh administered Ivermectin to their entire population and declared themselves COVID-free early on in the pandemic.

Fact #4: The Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) that was used during the COVID pandemic to authorize the COVID vaccine would not have been possible if there was a cure for the COVID-19 virus.

Fact #5: The FDA and certain farm supply stores are now warning customers they may not use Ivermectin on themselves and that they will now need a veterinarian prescription to obtain those medications. Not only is it costly to get a veterinary prescription for those benign medications, but at this point I trust the average American more than the FDA to do what is right. Recent history has proven that providing life saving medications to people is not a priority if it conflicts with economic and geopolitical concerns.

Question: Did the FDA wrongly approve Paxlovid or are they now willing to admit that Ivermectin is effective against COVID-19 and they very wrongly forbade its use resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths? You may only choose one answer.

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Dickie Sidnal
Dickie Sidnal

Was the FDA criminally negligent when forbidding the use of Ivermectin and approving Paxlovid? In his conduct of government affairs, Daniel was found trustworthy, and neither corrupt nor negligent. Can that be said of the FDA?

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